About Me



I grew up in the suburban town of Paramus, New Jersey.  I am blessed to have been brought up in a town with a more than reputable music and arts program that created the solid foundations for the person, musician, and educator I am today.  I spent the four years of my undergraduate career in Ithaca, New York where I developed my love for nature, community, and teaching.  Currently, I am a first year teacher in New York City, a private flute instructor, and plan to keep pursuing my dreams one year, one lesson, one student at a time.



Throughout my childhood, I was very active in my music department.  Eventually working up to being one of the Drum Majors for the 2010-2011 marching band season, Principle Flute for the Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, and Wind Ensemble for two years, and a member of the Prem1ers Honors Choir, I was awarded the John Phillip Sousa Band award upon graduating in June 2011.  I have also participated in MEBCI, NJSMA, and NJMEA ensembles while studying under Lish Lindsey.


During my undergraduate career at Ithaca College, I pledged Mu Phi Epsilon and was part of the Executive Board during the 2013-2014 academic year.  I have studied under Kelly Jepson Covert, Mary Kay Robinson, and Joyce Catalfano and held three elective recitals; one joint and two solo.  While at a NYSSMA convention, I developed an interest and passion for music education in urban areas that lead me to participating in a mentorship with 8th graders from Brooklyn, student teaching at a music magnet high school in the Bronx, and studying with Dr. Peter Clyde Martin about urban education.  In May 2015, I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education.



My philosophy of music education is constantly being tweaked.  I try to keep an open mind about what music means to society and how I will approach teaching my students as a result.  The wordy one-page document of my official philosophy does exist, but I will not post it here.  I believe music educates feeling, music is its own art and will be treated as such, and that music humanizes the individual.  I am influenced by the works of Bennett Reimer, Paul Tough, and Jonathan Kozol, to name a few.  

Music Educator

Chrysten Angderson